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New Owl Stitch and Butterfly Coasters!

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New Owl Stitch & Butterfly Coasters

Owl 1.jpg

(This was totally inspired by a picture I saw online and couldn't find the source!)

Obviously had to get a picture of it on my new shelf... haha. I am just too obsessed and don't ever see that stopping! It's so dope. 

owl 2.jpg

As for the butterfly coasters... I started collecting them a few years ago on a family trip to Florida! We were there over Thanksgiving! One of the days we decided to go to a HUGE and I seriously mean HUGE swap meet!!! *sigh* I wish It was closer to me! haha. Actually... I'm glad I don't live closer... I think I'd become a hoarder! And BEST NEWS EVER!!! I just barely snagged another Butterfly set! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow!! Ohhhh shit. I'm stoked!!! So stay tuned for that... (; 

edit 5.jpg

Let me know what you think!!! (: 



I Can't Believe My Dad Built This...

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- Geometric Triangle Shelf -



Oh my goodness! I seriously cannot stop staring at our new shelf! ISN'T IT THE MOST GORGEOUS THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN?!?! I sent my dad a picture of a shelf that I saw on Instagram. It was some sort of store display... I was like, "Do you think this is something you could make?" and My Dad went and got all the wood and just built and stained the thing. Like, no measurements, no instructions, just straight up looked at a picture and built T H I S!!! The first time he brought it over, it was in 2 INCHES too big! Lol. We laughed about it but it was a total bummer!! So he took it back to his house, cut 8 inches off the bottom, and put it back together!! In less than an hour! -HOW!!!- He had to do that perfectly for it all to match up!! We brought it back to my house and he put the two halves together! 

This has changed up our kitchen entirely!! I had tapestries and scarves hanging up and different tables/wicker shelves! Everything was bright and colorful!... Like, whattttt?!?! It looks so much better! Just clean and earthy! I liked it before, but I AM OBSESSED NOW! All I really want in my kitchen is this shelf and -PLANTS! - PLANTS! - PLANTS!- I want plants all over this shelf! -All over the floor! -Hanging Everywhere! I JUST WANT THEM ALL OVER MY HOUSE! They make me so happy!!!<3

Ps. I found basically everything on this shelf Thrifting! <3 Shocker! haha. Well, mostly all the things in my house, really! Lol. 

-Meet ze Papa!!! Troy!!- 

He has also made me a small triangle, tiny octagons, a moon, and Mountains!! Not sure if ya'll would be interested in seeing those or not, but I will probs do it anyway (; 

Shout Out to the Pops <3 

I Really Dig Anatomical Shit!(:

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I'm never sure how to start these things... Like, kinda how a comedian needs an opener for their show... Only this isn't a show, and I'm not a comedian. haha. So, maybe not the same thing. *Welpppp* haha. 


K... Do you guys obsess over your homes as much as I do with Ours?!? (If not, lets fix that!!) Anyways...I found the dopest little anatomy figure the other day!!! Like, whaaaaaaaaa??? I'm not really sure if anyone else thinks this is cool or not... But I about fuckin' died when I found it!!! It was in a plastic bag on the wall at Savers... In the kid's section, I might add! It had a few other toys in there that I didn't want, so I just donated them back! It was $3.00 for the whole bag. Totally worth it! (; 

I'm not sure what it is about bones and the human body... I just really dig it all! Anything that is super unique and out of the ordinary has a spot in my house (; I'm seriously soooo stoked that Kawande let's me do whatever I want (; And he always LOVES whatever I decide to do! He really is so wonderful and supportive!(; I mean, I don't decorate like your average human. But on the real though, He always helps me pick where to put things! Or where we should hang something. Because I can't really make a decision to save my life (; haha 

ALSOOOOO, I may or may not have hung a mirror here just so I can have this view from our kitchen!! <3 I'M OBSESSED! I think I'm just going to look for a ton of random geometric mirrors to fill up this whole wall (: We'll see! 

If you find any super dope anatomical shit, USE #GOLDIEBONES I'd LOVE to see it!!! 



Not just My Sk8erBoi!

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*Cheesy Alert*

Oh my goodness! How effing cute are these pictures?! 99% because... well, just look at My Dudeeee!!! *Swoooooons* If only I could put into words how this guy treats me and makes me feel! YOU GUYS!!! I am the Luckiest. I'M TELLING YOU!!! He is always watching out for me! He has the sweetest soul! And the kindest heart! He is the most respectful human I have ever met! And all my grandmas just adore him! (; Sooo... You know what that means (; 


Kawande is the guy who will slow dance with me at 2 am listening to Disney songs! He will sit and make plants and crafts with me for hours! He shows up with coffees just to surprise me! He always puts me first! Carries all the heavy stuff! Kills all the crawly stuff! And gets things for me on all the top shelves! Scary noises? He's My Guy for that!!! He puts up with my crazy obsession with Thrifting. He literally goes with me every time!!! I get so excited to tell him when I've come up with new creations! He more than supports all of them!! Whenever I want to try something new, he gets just as excited as I do!

Me: "Hey Dude, I really want to try making so and so" Him: "Hell yeah, lets go get the stuff right now!" 

He doesn't EVER make me feel uncertain! I know that whatever I decide to do, he will always support me! I don't ever question how he feels about me because he is showing me constantly! We Choose Each Other! We Support Each Other!! Over Everything. It's not a 50/50 thing, it's a 100/100 thing! He brings out the absolute best in me! Because of him, I dare to take risks! I went to Makeup school And had the guts to go to Cosmetolgy School! I never would've done those things if it wasn't for him! He helps me grow and be a better person!!! I seriously just blossom around him! I constantly want to do better and be better! 

I melt for these two Dudes! HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?!?! Sweetest guys in the world! We always have the best kisses and cuddles!!! 

Oh my hell! LOOK HOW HANDSOME HE IS!!! Okay now stop! (semi kidding) Lol. 

We laugh hysterically! ALL. DAY. LONG!! This is no joke. Most of the time people don't even know what the hell we're even talking about! We pretty much have our own language. It's basically movie quotes, accents, dance moves, Singing reallyyyy obnoxiously, made up words and inside jokes all rolled into one! I mean it when I say, we are best fucking friends. He is my Homie. My DJ on road trips!!! My concert buddy! My phone a friend, seriously... I ask him so many questions about everything. He is so patient with me! If I ever need help, he is the first one looking up how to do whatever it is I need help with! He tickles my back when I'm sick and plays with my hair when I can't sleep. He gives me foot rubs without me even asking when he knows I've had a long day! Who am I kidding... He gives me foot rubs just because always!!! We make cookies at 2am while playing Mario Kart! And we talk MAJOR SHIT to each other when we play Mortal Kombat. Because I kick his ass! EVERY TIME! (Not even sorry for puttin him on blast! Lol. Let's do the damn thing, Boo!) He is my FAVORITE HUMAN! And Holy shit you guys... He is the funniest person on the planet!!! My cheekbones and stomach hurt alll theee timeeee! haha (: I'm excited for every single day with him! Most of the time I don't even know what day it is because it alwaysss feels like the weekend (; 

I feel like we have spent every second of every day together forever! He makes me feel like I can do anything! For reals, girls... CHOOSE YOUR BEST FRIEND!!! You won't regret it! He pays attention to every detail! My entire bad day will turn around the second we get to be together... Not even kidding. If we could spend every second together... I mean... That is the actual plan! I COULDN'T EVER GET SICK OF HIM! NEVERRRR! And can you even imagine how freaking PERFECTTTTTTTTT Our Babies are going to be?!? He is going to be such an amazing Dad! Don't get your hopes up yet, it's not EVENNNNN happening for a few years.... Lol (: We like to take naps... I hear Naps are not a thing with little babes... hahaha. So Ziggy gets all the snuggles and loves for now (; He is My Biggest and Greatest Adventure! 

  • Ps. Thanks Misty, Clark, David, and Thela for creating and molding the most perfectly wonderful human in the world! I will never stop Loving this Guy! <3 

Shout Out to Kylie for taking these ADORABLE pictures of Our Little Family! <3 



Things to know about Money Trees!!!

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.Things to Know About Money Trees. 

I picked this little guy up at the store, like I physically picked him up... so... I clearly had to buy it. We bonded. Lol. But I wanted to plant it in something medium sized to keep it growing a little bit. Then I'll transfer it into a bigger pot (: I have had a money tree for a little over two years now (: And it's gettin' pretty big! But this is about our new little babe! 

Isn't it the cutest?! I thought I'd plant it in a GOLD pot cause... You know... the whole Money thing... (; The first money tree I got was from IKEA! And it was already pretty huge!!! I got it for like $10!!! It was a total steal for sure! 

We could play "I Spy" haha! I Spy with my little eye a wizard!! Or... Maybe a Baby dice... How about a knight?... What about a baby deer??? I usually just buy something if I like it, then find a place for it later on! But I feel like it all somehow flows!! (: 

-Tips & Tricks-

  • Brown Crispy Leaves are a sign of dry air or low light levels. Move it to a spot where it gets a good amount of sun(indirect)
  • If you're not used to having plants, I would suggest getting a pot that has a hole at the bottom for drainage!(: 
  • Don't put next to heating//AC unit. It likes temperatures around 60-75°F/16-24°C
  • Water thoroughly, but let enough drain out so it doesn't get soggy and moldy! 
  • Wait for the soil to get pretty dry before watering again! 
  • The size of the tree can be controlled by the size of its pot. If you want to keep it the size of a bonsai, keep its pot small!
  • It can get up to 10 ft tall if you keep transplanting it into bigget pots!!(This is hopefully what this little guy will do)
  • Avoid getting water on the trunk, it causes stem to rot
  • Water less frequently in the winter time. It's not in a growth cycle.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! It looks so darling! This is a view in my kitchen! Another thing... I am obsessed with mirrors! I want them EVERYWHERE!!! It will open up any room!! I swear!! Do it!!! This mirror was $7 at Savers (; So, it's totally affordable! Ps. I will FOREVER be obsessed with my front room!!! Sorry 'bout it!(; 

Use #goldiebones

Until next time, Lovelies <3


How To Make A Cactus Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps!!!

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.How to Make A Cactus Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps.

*Squeeee* How freakinggggggggg cute is this cactus terrarium?? I had so much fun with this one yesterday! I haven't ever really done little designs with rocks before and I'M IN LOVE!!! It looks all cute and retro like!(; Keep reading if you'd like to to know how I made it (: 

-Materials You Need-

  • Glass Bowl
  • Moisture Conrtolled Potting Mix
  • Cactus Obviously! Lol. 
  • OLDA pebbles from IKEA
  • Decorative rock 
  • Two Spoons 

Step 1:

First things first(Not gonna lie, totally started singing Nicki Minaj)!!! PICK YOUR BABIES! I went with these cute little guys!!! I would really inspect them before you buy any! Just to make sure you've got healthy ones! You don't want to have it die on you after you make it all cute! Trust me! I've done it! Sad dayyyyyy! haha. Whenever I go to the store, Kawande knows that if I touch the plant, I have to buy it. haha. Its ridiculous! I immediately feel guilty leaving it behind! Probablyyyyy why I have so many plants!! Oh well (; I'm not complaining! 

Another thing to keep in mind... I know cactus and succulents look super cute together... But you can't put them together. One needs to be watered way more than the other. You will either drown one or starve the other! So.... That's a no go! Make sure whatever plants you choose, they need the same watering pattern (: And you'll be just fine!! 

Step 2:

FEEEEATURING! *SNL Announcers Voice* My boyfriends cute hand (; haha. Had to bring in the boyf for the heavy lifting! Lol. My arm was falling asleep!


They're kinda dusty when you pour them out, but no biggie (: Just close your eyes, and blow it away! But for reals, close your eyes. (;

There isn't a whole in the bottom of this bowl, so you need these pebbles for drainage! If you don't have access to an IKEA, you can use rocks and/or charcoal! But it makes the plant super heavy!! Just make sure you put enough in the bottom so that if you were to accidentally over water it, it won't drown your plant (: 

Step 3: 

Now put about 1/3 of your potting mix in the bowl. Make sure you get the moisture controlled kind because cactus don't like a ton of water. You could literally drown them! No bueno! 

Step 4: 

The cactus will stab the shit out of you! They are NO JOKE! So, I just get both spoons and kinda pinch the cactus. It will squish the cactus a little bit, don't worry, it won't hurt it or anything! It just SAVES YOUR LIFE! Plucking out little pricks from the cactus is NOT A GOOD TIME! It hurts. I've had to pull the duct tape out and hope it pulls all the little needles out! Sometimes you can't see them, you just feel themmm!! Awful! 

Now, when you take the cactus out of the container, reallyyyyy break up the dirt in the roots. BE CAREFUL!! Sometimes there are little needles in the dirt and they'll getcha!! You will want to place each cactus far enough apart from one another. They need to have some breathing room! Lol. I use the back of the spoons to pack the dirt down around the cactus! This way, you lower the risk of poking yourself. I mean, I usually still poke myself. You get in the zone, and BAM!!! The little bastard pokes you! haha. Add more potting mix around the cactus! They like to be really snug in the dirt! **Don't put too much, you need to save room for your rocks!**

Step 5:

Noowwwwwww the fun part! Get creative with your rocks! I just bought two different whites! Then I remembered I had these black rocks and Vio La!!! These cute little flowerssss happened!!! I think I'm gonna have to get a bunch of colors and do some fun designs! Oooo. Maybe Ill do another plant post soon (; Summer is coming up!!(; Any excuse to make another plant is alright with me (; 

Caring for the Cactus!!! 

I would only water your cactus about once every two weeks or so! And not a ton. Depending on how many you've got in there. I will probably water this one 1/4 cup every two weeks! Just watch it. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION!!! You can't put these in the basement. It has to have sunlight!!! Some like direct, some need indirect! Just read on the little info card stuck in the cactus or on the sticker! 

Please tag me if you make any pretties!!! I want to see all the plants :D Use #GoldieBones!!!(: Enjoy your new little babe! 

Affordable Tips and Tricks for Rad Home Decor!!!

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I am obsessed with my house.

I mean, it is my house, so why wouldn't I want to obsess over it??? I literally never want to leave! haha. I always have people asking me to help decorate their house or bedroom! So I thought, "Why not start a blog?" and share the process I take... (: 

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

See that DARLING yellow lamp there?? Yeah, the one with the yellow velvet trim? H-OMG! I can't get over it.... IT WAS $14.00!!! FOURTEEN! And that CUTE ASS SHELF in the corner?! $5.00 effing dollars! Like, whaaaaaa???!?!?!?!?! 

"Oh my gosh, I wish I could decorate my house cute! But It's just too expensive."

But you just spent $14 on a coffee and bagel at Starbucks... I totally get it. I loveeeee my coffee! I don't go without it! Honestly, You have to adjust your priorities.

If You spend little bits at a time, its totallyyyyy do able!  

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

K&C Photography!!! Did the cutest home session with us! I will post that shoot soon! Check her out!!!

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

---My Biggest piece of advice.... DON'T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!!!---

I usually get this response...

"Ewww. you seriously go get stuff that other people have had in their house?"

UH YES! Yes I do. It might not be for everyone. Everything I buy, I CLEAN! Like, Deep clean the shit out of whatever you get. It's that simple!! I have found some things that I am so in love with but it can't be saved or cleaned and that is always a sad day! haha. It doesn't happen often! but it does!   

If you love it, that is ALL THAT MATTERS!! Seriously. There are quite a few people who don't vibe with my house. And that's cool too! (: 

I don't onlyyyyy shop thrift. These are some of my favorites: At Home, Ross, Target, TJ Maxx, Worldmarket, Urban Outfitters and IKEA. I always seem to find superrrr cute stuff at these places!! World Market and Urban Outfitters are a little bit on the pricey side, but hey, if you got it!!! (; 

  • ANOTHER THING!!! My paychecks don't stretch too far! So don't think I'm just rollin'! haha. Living in a space that I love to be in is super important to me! So I will set aside $20-$40 here and there and pop on over to Savers! (:


You can get superrrrr cute plants at Home Depot, IKEA, Lowes, Cactus & Tropicals(If you're local), Paradise Palms(Again, local) and Walmart(Sometimes)! I know there are more, but these are my go-to's! 

Plants add soooo much to any space! I know... something you have to keep alive! *gasp* Not all plants are hard to take care of! I have figured out which ones I can and can't have in my house! I haven't always been able to keep plants alive! I have totallyyyyy killed some plants along the way... quite a few actually!!! Don't be ashamed! Do some research! You'll get the hang of it!! If you don't know where to start, I will be posting a full on step by step process soon! 

Well, I hope someone got something out of this! If no one reads this, that's cool too (; If you just like to see how weird my shit is, that's also rad! (;