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How To Make A Cactus Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps!!!

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.How to Make A Cactus Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps.

*Squeeee* How freakinggggggggg cute is this cactus terrarium?? I had so much fun with this one yesterday! I haven't ever really done little designs with rocks before and I'M IN LOVE!!! It looks all cute and retro like!(; Keep reading if you'd like to to know how I made it (: 

-Materials You Need-

  • Glass Bowl
  • Moisture Conrtolled Potting Mix
  • Cactus Obviously! Lol. 
  • OLDA pebbles from IKEA
  • Decorative rock 
  • Two Spoons 

Step 1:

First things first(Not gonna lie, totally started singing Nicki Minaj)!!! PICK YOUR BABIES! I went with these cute little guys!!! I would really inspect them before you buy any! Just to make sure you've got healthy ones! You don't want to have it die on you after you make it all cute! Trust me! I've done it! Sad dayyyyyy! haha. Whenever I go to the store, Kawande knows that if I touch the plant, I have to buy it. haha. Its ridiculous! I immediately feel guilty leaving it behind! Probablyyyyy why I have so many plants!! Oh well (; I'm not complaining! 

Another thing to keep in mind... I know cactus and succulents look super cute together... But you can't put them together. One needs to be watered way more than the other. You will either drown one or starve the other! So.... That's a no go! Make sure whatever plants you choose, they need the same watering pattern (: And you'll be just fine!! 

Step 2:

FEEEEATURING! *SNL Announcers Voice* My boyfriends cute hand (; haha. Had to bring in the boyf for the heavy lifting! Lol. My arm was falling asleep!


They're kinda dusty when you pour them out, but no biggie (: Just close your eyes, and blow it away! But for reals, close your eyes. (;

There isn't a whole in the bottom of this bowl, so you need these pebbles for drainage! If you don't have access to an IKEA, you can use rocks and/or charcoal! But it makes the plant super heavy!! Just make sure you put enough in the bottom so that if you were to accidentally over water it, it won't drown your plant (: 

Step 3: 

Now put about 1/3 of your potting mix in the bowl. Make sure you get the moisture controlled kind because cactus don't like a ton of water. You could literally drown them! No bueno! 

Step 4: 

The cactus will stab the shit out of you! They are NO JOKE! So, I just get both spoons and kinda pinch the cactus. It will squish the cactus a little bit, don't worry, it won't hurt it or anything! It just SAVES YOUR LIFE! Plucking out little pricks from the cactus is NOT A GOOD TIME! It hurts. I've had to pull the duct tape out and hope it pulls all the little needles out! Sometimes you can't see them, you just feel themmm!! Awful! 

Now, when you take the cactus out of the container, reallyyyyy break up the dirt in the roots. BE CAREFUL!! Sometimes there are little needles in the dirt and they'll getcha!! You will want to place each cactus far enough apart from one another. They need to have some breathing room! Lol. I use the back of the spoons to pack the dirt down around the cactus! This way, you lower the risk of poking yourself. I mean, I usually still poke myself. You get in the zone, and BAM!!! The little bastard pokes you! haha. Add more potting mix around the cactus! They like to be really snug in the dirt! **Don't put too much, you need to save room for your rocks!**

Step 5:

Noowwwwwww the fun part! Get creative with your rocks! I just bought two different whites! Then I remembered I had these black rocks and Vio La!!! These cute little flowerssss happened!!! I think I'm gonna have to get a bunch of colors and do some fun designs! Oooo. Maybe Ill do another plant post soon (; Summer is coming up!!(; Any excuse to make another plant is alright with me (; 

Caring for the Cactus!!! 

I would only water your cactus about once every two weeks or so! And not a ton. Depending on how many you've got in there. I will probably water this one 1/4 cup every two weeks! Just watch it. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION!!! You can't put these in the basement. It has to have sunlight!!! Some like direct, some need indirect! Just read on the little info card stuck in the cactus or on the sticker! 

Please tag me if you make any pretties!!! I want to see all the plants :D Use #GoldieBones!!!(: Enjoy your new little babe!