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10 Tv Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix!

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1. Grey's Anatomy: Okay, here's the deal with this one! I used to watch Grey's Anatomy when it was on tv... before Netflix... before DVR!! hahaha. Every Thursday... a whole week in between each episode! No thankssss! haha. I mean, people do that now. I just don't have cable. Back to Grey's... You will laugh, you will cry, some episodes will wreck your whole week! hahah. IT'S JUST SOOOO DAMN GOOD! Honestly, you can't help it. You become so invested with all the characters. Andddd for some reason, you'll just start walking around thinkin' you can perform surgery!!!!!! hahahahhaha. LOL. Another thing to remember, IT'S SOOOO CHEESY in the very beginning! It is, what it is! (;  

2. Arrow: A: Best Superhero. Hands down. My boyfriend will argue, but we know who's right on this one (; Batman comes in at a hot hot second place!!! (; We just have to agree to disagree! haha. We don't fight or argue ever.... Unless it's about this! hahahaha. Green Arrow is MY MOTHA FUCKIN' JAM!!! There are 4 seasons and they're all the bomb .com! Watch it. DO IT. You'll see... Oliver Queen is where it's at! Yeeeee!  

3. The Flash: If I could choose one superhero to be, I think it would be The Flash... A: He has to eat a shit load of food to keep up with his metabolism.... I'm basically half way there already... B: How RAD would it be to be able to run anywhere in the world at any time! Oh whaaaa? Yes please! I'm also obsessed with The Flash. The ONLY thing I don't like about Barry Allen is that he needs a pep talk before HE DOES LITERALLY ANYTHING. Lame. haha. Other than that, it's the shit! 

4. DC Legends of Tomorrow: Yes, yes and yes. You HAVE to watch DC Legends of Tomorrow. BUT, you don't want to watch it unless you've already watched The Arrow and The Flash! It is also starting to tie into Supergirl! Just know that if you do decide to watch this! You will be missing a ton of backstory if you skip Arrow and The Flash! I mean, unless you're not into the whole superhero thing... But I still think you give all these a chance! haha. They're just too good! 

5. Grace and Frankie: OH MY... SO DARLING!!!!! This is one of my favorite Tv shows of all time!! It's about two couples in their 70's! The two guys decide they want to leave their wives and be together! Its a super cute show with a ton of crazy family dynamics. haha. One second you're so happy and the next you're sad! haha. You will definitely ride an emotional roller coaster while watching this one! Ugh. It's so cute! I am most certainly going to be Frankie when I'm older! hahaha. I'm totally Frankie right now! LOL. 

6. Bob's Burgers: BOB'S FREAKING BURGERS IS MY JAM!!! Like, It's my go to show!! (: I'm not the biggest fan of adult cartoons. UNPOPULAR OPINION: I don't care for the simpsons or family guy... Sorry 'bout it. Some of it totally makes me giggle. But nah. Bob's Burgers literally makes me belly giggle. hahaha. I just feel like Kawande and I are TOTALLY going to be those types of parents. I've already watched each episode at least 5-8 times. hahah. I don't even know how many times I've watched my favorite episodes though! Whenever I can't decide what to watch, this is what I throw on and I never regret it! (: *FYI- They just removed a bunch of seasons, but head on over to HULU for the rest of them* (: 

7. iZombie: *Cheesy Alert* I'm not even gonna lie! Guilty pleasure. hahaha. It's about a Zombie that works in the morgue. And she gets visions on how people die when she eats their brains. I know, cheesy. But before you know it, you'll be hooked too. She teams up with the police and solves crime and shit. I started watching it one day because I thought I had already watched all the good stuff. heh. heh. Little did I know... (; Don't say I didn't warn you on the cheesiness though! Lol. 

8. Stranger Things: OMG OMG OMG! This show is weird! Good weird!!! And super creepy!! You will be wondering what is even happening like, 90% of the time. hahaha. But that is what keeps you watching! I feel like they just put it out there to kinda see what people's reactions would be. Now that they see how many people loved it, I think they will have a bigger budget on the second season that COMES OUT SOON! Plus, Eleven is the cutest thing to ever exist. You'll love it! Just give it a shot. (;

9. F is for Family: This is another adult cartoon. I just really love Bill Burr! Don't you? His voice is so perfect for voice acting. hahaha. He's the best. If you haven't watched any of his stand ups, DO IT! This is definitely a show that will make you giggle. But who knows... it might just be me! I say go for it! I can just picture Bill Burr the whole time and he is funny as hell!! Its about a dad in the 70's and he let his life just slip by and it shows his life struggles with his family. Hilarious! 

10. Dexter: I am obsessed with Dexter. Seriously. Its so satisfying to watch. CREEPYYYY. Lol. But for reals. The whole time you're watching it, you think to yourself "Yeah, thats exactly how I would do it"... No? Just me? hahaha. That's cool too. Dexter is a serial killer who kills serial killers... and just really bad people. You're rooting for him the entire time. Lol. I haven't met one person who hasn't liked it yet. We are almost done with it again actually. This second time around, I am catching tons of stuff that I didn't notice in the beginning. I love doing that with TV series. I say give it a go for sure. Give it 5 episodes at least! (: 

There are obviously tons and tons of shows to watch on Netflix! These are just a few of MY favorites!! I will totally make more of these lists, because I have no life when Kawande works the night shift!! We all love to binge watch tv shows!!(;

I LOVE recommendations! So shoot them my way if you have a show you think I should watch!!(: