Goldie Bones

I Really Dig Anatomical Shit!(:

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I'm never sure how to start these things... Like, kinda how a comedian needs an opener for their show... Only this isn't a show, and I'm not a comedian. haha. So, maybe not the same thing. *Welpppp* haha. 


K... Do you guys obsess over your homes as much as I do with Ours?!? (If not, lets fix that!!) Anyways...I found the dopest little anatomy figure the other day!!! Like, whaaaaaaaaa??? I'm not really sure if anyone else thinks this is cool or not... But I about fuckin' died when I found it!!! It was in a plastic bag on the wall at Savers... In the kid's section, I might add! It had a few other toys in there that I didn't want, so I just donated them back! It was $3.00 for the whole bag. Totally worth it! (; 

I'm not sure what it is about bones and the human body... I just really dig it all! Anything that is super unique and out of the ordinary has a spot in my house (; I'm seriously soooo stoked that Kawande let's me do whatever I want (; And he always LOVES whatever I decide to do! He really is so wonderful and supportive!(; I mean, I don't decorate like your average human. But on the real though, He always helps me pick where to put things! Or where we should hang something. Because I can't really make a decision to save my life (; haha 

ALSOOOOO, I may or may not have hung a mirror here just so I can have this view from our kitchen!! <3 I'M OBSESSED! I think I'm just going to look for a ton of random geometric mirrors to fill up this whole wall (: We'll see! 

If you find any super dope anatomical shit, USE #GOLDIEBONES I'd LOVE to see it!!!