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I Can't Believe My Dad Built This...

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- Geometric Triangle Shelf -



Oh my goodness! I seriously cannot stop staring at our new shelf! ISN'T IT THE MOST GORGEOUS THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN?!?! I sent my dad a picture of a shelf that I saw on Instagram. It was some sort of store display... I was like, "Do you think this is something you could make?" and My Dad went and got all the wood and just built and stained the thing. Like, no measurements, no instructions, just straight up looked at a picture and built T H I S!!! The first time he brought it over, it was in 2 INCHES too big! Lol. We laughed about it but it was a total bummer!! So he took it back to his house, cut 8 inches off the bottom, and put it back together!! In less than an hour! -HOW!!!- He had to do that perfectly for it all to match up!! We brought it back to my house and he put the two halves together! 

This has changed up our kitchen entirely!! I had tapestries and scarves hanging up and different tables/wicker shelves! Everything was bright and colorful!... Like, whattttt?!?! It looks so much better! Just clean and earthy! I liked it before, but I AM OBSESSED NOW! All I really want in my kitchen is this shelf and -PLANTS! - PLANTS! - PLANTS!- I want plants all over this shelf! -All over the floor! -Hanging Everywhere! I JUST WANT THEM ALL OVER MY HOUSE! They make me so happy!!!<3

Ps. I found basically everything on this shelf Thrifting! <3 Shocker! haha. Well, mostly all the things in my house, really! Lol. 

-Meet ze Papa!!! Troy!!- 

He has also made me a small triangle, tiny octagons, a moon, and Mountains!! Not sure if ya'll would be interested in seeing those or not, but I will probs do it anyway (; 

Shout Out to the Pops <3