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Adventures Around Utah - Silver Lake

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Adventures Around Utah - Silver Lake 

First of all, hanging out with Kawande and My Little brother Dougy is one of my favorite things! So you can guess that driving out to the mountains to film a video was A FREAKING BLAST!!! I can't believe I have lived in Utah my whole life and I have NEVER been up to Silver Lake until now. Omg... what have I even been doing? haha. Anyways, NOW I KNOW! And If you are from Utah or just visiting, GO UP THERE! It is seriously so freaking gorgeous! Anddddd DRUM ROLL... It's FREE-NINETY-FREE!(; Go run around, take pictures, walk the whole lake, pack a lunch or eat at the cute little Brighton Café, there is so many things you can do! 

Where is your favorite place to explore?! I would seriously LOVE any recommendations! <3

If you liked this video, I just barely started filming things that we do! My first video was basically our entire California Trip!!! Stay tuned, because I basically have the filming bug and don't ever want to stop! (: