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California Vacation Video!!

Mack PettitComment

October 21 - 28th (: 

I haven't ever really done a video like this before! Soooo..... AMATEUR ALERT!!! I have NO IDEA how people edit videos under 1-3 minutes! WOW! It's so hard! I wanted to include every single detail! But that would be WAYYY too long! haha.

Reliving moments through pictures is one of my favorite things! But having a video to watch makes it feel like you are there again! I don't think I will ever be able to go on vacation again without filming the whole thing! 

This was seriously such a fun family vacation!! <3 I had never been to Disneyland during Halloween and it was AMAZING!!! Everything was so damn cute and spooky! BUT DAMN! It was HOT! It was 100-105 DEGREES the whole time! Like, whhaaaa! But I'm totally not complaining because it was seriously a blast!(: 

I will obviously be posting all the pictures I took also (; 

Let me know what you think!!! (: