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Plant Experiment!!!

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Plant Experiment: No. 1

Let me start off by saying <I like to plant plants when I'm stressed> ..... Guess how stressed I've been lately??? hahaha. OMG. I mean, I'm not complaining! I'm always stoked to have more plant babiesss!


My Dude and I decided to just take a day and do whatever we wanted... No plans. Just "Hey how about this " type thing. So we got up and had breakfast and went to the mountains! We took ziplock bags to collect rocks and have an adventure! When we were done with being in the mountains, we went to this little thrift shop and walked around. While we were there we saw a few of these plants that WEREN'T POTTED IN SOIL! I hadn't seen this before so I thought I would give it a go! 


@ Pig In A Jelly Jar - SLC, Utah

We decided to go get some brunch! And we had never eaten at Pig in a jelly jar before. Best Choice. Like, HOW FREAKING DELICIOUS DOES THIS LOOK! It is BY FAR the best chicken & waffles -IN UTAH!!!- <That's an Important detail> Because we ALL KNOW who the best is... Roscoe's... hands down.... IT'S IN THE NAME... 


Side Note: How freaking cute is My Boyfriend? Like, he will just collect rocks with me?!? He is always down for anything and everything! I really am the luckiest. Best Fucking Friends. <3


I have no idea if I am doing this right or not.. I literally just looked at the plants in the thrift store and went home and attempted it. They are already starting to grow more roots! I will eventually have to transplant these into bigger pots. 


Tip: Always collect ROCKS! Always! Whether it be 1 or 100... You can decorate your plants or terrariums with them! :D I've always collected rocks and little pieces of nature... since I was a little babe. But eventually, I'd end up with bags of rocks that I would have to just throw away or dump my sand! I HAVE NOW DISCOVERED A WAY TO KEEP MY TREASURES!!! Collect sand from the beach, take it home and put it with a cactus! You now have a cute little plant to remember that trip! I have made so many!! Sand and rocks from my family trip to Lake Powell, Our trip with My Dad to the Grand Canyon, Rocks from my grandparent's house at Thanksgiving, etc. 

Let me know what you think!!! (: