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New Owl Stitch and Butterfly Coasters!

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New Owl Stitch & Butterfly Coasters

Owl 1.jpg

(This was totally inspired by a picture I saw online and couldn't find the source!)

Obviously had to get a picture of it on my new shelf... haha. I am just too obsessed and don't ever see that stopping! It's so dope. 

owl 2.jpg

As for the butterfly coasters... I started collecting them a few years ago on a family trip to Florida! We were there over Thanksgiving! One of the days we decided to go to a HUGE and I seriously mean HUGE swap meet!!! *sigh* I wish It was closer to me! haha. Actually... I'm glad I don't live closer... I think I'd become a hoarder! And BEST NEWS EVER!!! I just barely snagged another Butterfly set! I'm going to pick it up tomorrow!! Ohhhh shit. I'm stoked!!! So stay tuned for that... (; 

edit 5.jpg

Let me know what you think!!! (: