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Alien Embroidery!!!

Okay, so here's the deal! I have literally NO IDEA if I am even doing this correctly! I just went and bought a hoop, needle, thread, and fabric. And just kinda ran with it! And basically... I absolutely LOVE doing this! It's so much fun!!! At first, it's pretty time consuming but honestly, so relaxing. I get all my supplies and do it while I'm watching a show. 

It's ALL in the little details!!! 

I usually draw the big outline of whatever design I am doing on the fabric first! Just to make sure I have the right size of hoop and what not. After I go around the edges, I do all the details with the thread! It really is the most simple thing ever... but the most important! 

One thing to keep in mind.... You will stab yourself a TON! Don't get frustrated! I still poke myself quite a bit, not as much as when I first started, so you'll get the hang of it! This was the second one I had ever done. 

And I totally tried to attempt an "American horror story-ish" font! haha (: So its whatevs!(; 

I have already done quite a few! So I will totally be posting those soon! (: 

Let me know what you think!!! (: