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Itty Bitty Backpack // Handbag!!!

Mack PettitComment

You'll never guess how much I bought this Itty Bitty Backpack // Handbag for!!


Like, what in the world??? Isn't that the cutest damn thing? Its so tiny!! Thrifting is so much fun! You can seriously find super cute stuff like thissss!!! This little backpack is going to be so perfect for summer!!! ah! I'm so excited!!! 

I bought it at Savers and you can tell it was basically brand new!!!

*happy dance* 

Shout out to Forever 21 for the cutest little cactus shirt!!! *IN LOVE* and Vans for always coming in clutch when you need a dope ass snapback!!! 

Well, stay tuned for more cute thrift shop finds!!! :D