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Plants on Plants on Plants!

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Plants on Plants on Plants!!!

Who doesn't LOVE Plants?!?! I mean, seriously!! I just want them everywhere! 


Holy Moly! I am so obsessed with my shelf! Perfect for, ya know, Plants (; haha Anyways.. I have had those baskets (the ones hanging in the corner) sitting in a box for a few months now. I haven't known what to do with them. I just knew I'd be able to find them a spot... eventually!(;  I love how just one or two things will give me so much more inspiration! Kawande and I went thrifting and found a few magical things and BAM! I even find inspiration for things I already had!!(: 


A lot of people think that plants are an insane amount of work... I guess some of them are crazy difficult! (Those are the ones I can't seem to keep alive!) Lol. I just figure out which ones I can or can't keep alive by trial and error! I try to choose plants that are super low maintenance. I will touch on specific plants on a separate post!

I absolutely LOVE cacti! Especially ones that grow all sorts of crazy! At the time I bought it, I had no idea this one would grow like this!!! Chikka Chikka Yeahhh! 

Honestly, Hanging Plants are my favorite way to go! Especially if you're low on space! Or need to find something to fill an awkward corner or window!!


I have hanging plants ALL over my house! If there is a stud for me to screw a hook in, I'M GONNA DO IT!!! Not even lying. Lol. Hang a plant and throw a rug under it! Or little table! or another plant... hahaha <3 

I don't have a problem, YOU DO!!! <3




Affordable Tips and Tricks for Rad Home Decor!!!

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I am obsessed with my house.

I mean, it is my house, so why wouldn't I want to obsess over it??? I literally never want to leave! haha. I always have people asking me to help decorate their house or bedroom! So I thought, "Why not start a blog?" and share the process I take... (: 

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

See that DARLING yellow lamp there?? Yeah, the one with the yellow velvet trim? H-OMG! I can't get over it.... IT WAS $14.00!!! FOURTEEN! And that CUTE ASS SHELF in the corner?! $5.00 effing dollars! Like, whaaaaaa???!?!?!?!?! 

"Oh my gosh, I wish I could decorate my house cute! But It's just too expensive."

But you just spent $14 on a coffee and bagel at Starbucks... I totally get it. I loveeeee my coffee! I don't go without it! Honestly, You have to adjust your priorities.

If You spend little bits at a time, its totallyyyyy do able!  

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

K&C Photography!!! Did the cutest home session with us! I will post that shoot soon! Check her out!!!

K&amp;C Photography

K&C Photography

---My Biggest piece of advice.... DON'T CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!!!---

I usually get this response...

"Ewww. you seriously go get stuff that other people have had in their house?"

UH YES! Yes I do. It might not be for everyone. Everything I buy, I CLEAN! Like, Deep clean the shit out of whatever you get. It's that simple!! I have found some things that I am so in love with but it can't be saved or cleaned and that is always a sad day! haha. It doesn't happen often! but it does!   

If you love it, that is ALL THAT MATTERS!! Seriously. There are quite a few people who don't vibe with my house. And that's cool too! (: 

I don't onlyyyyy shop thrift. These are some of my favorites: At Home, Ross, Target, TJ Maxx, Worldmarket, Urban Outfitters and IKEA. I always seem to find superrrr cute stuff at these places!! World Market and Urban Outfitters are a little bit on the pricey side, but hey, if you got it!!! (; 

  • ANOTHER THING!!! My paychecks don't stretch too far! So don't think I'm just rollin'! haha. Living in a space that I love to be in is super important to me! So I will set aside $20-$40 here and there and pop on over to Savers! (:


You can get superrrrr cute plants at Home Depot, IKEA, Lowes, Cactus & Tropicals(If you're local), Paradise Palms(Again, local) and Walmart(Sometimes)! I know there are more, but these are my go-to's! 

Plants add soooo much to any space! I know... something you have to keep alive! *gasp* Not all plants are hard to take care of! I have figured out which ones I can and can't have in my house! I haven't always been able to keep plants alive! I have totallyyyyy killed some plants along the way... quite a few actually!!! Don't be ashamed! Do some research! You'll get the hang of it!! If you don't know where to start, I will be posting a full on step by step process soon! 

Well, I hope someone got something out of this! If no one reads this, that's cool too (; If you just like to see how weird my shit is, that's also rad! (;