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Things to know about Money Trees!!!

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.Things to Know About Money Trees. 

I picked this little guy up at the store, like I physically picked him up... so... I clearly had to buy it. We bonded. Lol. But I wanted to plant it in something medium sized to keep it growing a little bit. Then I'll transfer it into a bigger pot (: I have had a money tree for a little over two years now (: And it's gettin' pretty big! But this is about our new little babe! 

Isn't it the cutest?! I thought I'd plant it in a GOLD pot cause... You know... the whole Money thing... (; The first money tree I got was from IKEA! And it was already pretty huge!!! I got it for like $10!!! It was a total steal for sure! 

We could play "I Spy" haha! I Spy with my little eye a wizard!! Or... Maybe a Baby dice... How about a knight?... What about a baby deer??? I usually just buy something if I like it, then find a place for it later on! But I feel like it all somehow flows!! (: 

-Tips & Tricks-

  • Brown Crispy Leaves are a sign of dry air or low light levels. Move it to a spot where it gets a good amount of sun(indirect)
  • If you're not used to having plants, I would suggest getting a pot that has a hole at the bottom for drainage!(: 
  • Don't put next to heating//AC unit. It likes temperatures around 60-75°F/16-24°C
  • Water thoroughly, but let enough drain out so it doesn't get soggy and moldy! 
  • Wait for the soil to get pretty dry before watering again! 
  • The size of the tree can be controlled by the size of its pot. If you want to keep it the size of a bonsai, keep its pot small!
  • It can get up to 10 ft tall if you keep transplanting it into bigget pots!!(This is hopefully what this little guy will do)
  • Avoid getting water on the trunk, it causes stem to rot
  • Water less frequently in the winter time. It's not in a growth cycle.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! It looks so darling! This is a view in my kitchen! Another thing... I am obsessed with mirrors! I want them EVERYWHERE!!! It will open up any room!! I swear!! Do it!!! This mirror was $7 at Savers (; So, it's totally affordable! Ps. I will FOREVER be obsessed with my front room!!! Sorry 'bout it!(; 

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Until next time, Lovelies <3