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Going, Going Back, Back to Cali, Cali!

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Newport Beach! I love you!


I went on a trip with my school back in January! and I never got around to posting these pictures!!!

Oh wow. The houses right on the beach were killing me. Like, okay. How do I get myself into one of these? I wanted to sneak into every one of them just to see how they were decorated... and then maybeeee stay forever and call it mine. haha. There were a few that I swear were made just for me. Big old yellow door, cactus everywhere, covered in vines! But I'm sure the owner feels this way too. Lol. But a girl can dream, right? 

Is this place even real?? 

Newport Coffee Company

This. This was the most delicious smoothie bowl!!! Straight. Up. YUM!!! 

ACAI BOWL. Blended with mixed berries, banana & apple juice!! 

Hemp Seed Granola. Banana. Strawberry. Blueberries. Coconut & Honey.

I totallyyyyyy added coconut!!! Best decision ever! If you are ever in Newport, get this! 


World of Color is MAGIC. Literal Magic. I seriously could watch this every night! I get all giddy and crazy butterflies. If you have never been, YOU HAVE TO GO! I'm not even kidding. It will change your life! 

BIG TIP: You have to get the fast pass RIGHT AS YOU GET TO THE PARK!!! Last time I went, it was by the grizzly river run! But I'm not sure if its just because it was under construction or not!

I basically want to have the World of Color in my back yard every night! Watch it and have magical Disney dreams at all times! 

This is a picture I took a few years ago. But its lovely, so I thought I'd throw it on here too (; 

Well, Until next time (; Hopefully I'll be there sooner rather than later!!