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A little bit about ME (:

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Introductions are in order (; 

Yooooo, I'm Mack! 

I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. Not your average Utahn, if you catch my drift! I am 24 years old, but for some reason, every time someone asks me, I go right for 21! LOL!! I have tons and tons of plant babies!!  A few of my favorite things: Coffee, Crafting//DIY, Essential Oils, Embroidery, Thrifting, Photography, DOGS, Travel, Food, and anything out of the ordinary! I love all things Hair and Makeup! I absolutely adore My Boyfriend and Our little Ziggy! They make my entire world go around! Don't worry, they'll get their own introduction post soon!!(;

As for my DIY & Crafts!!---> I'm just wingin' it on about 98% of whatever I'm making!! Honestly. I will just be sitting there and think of something and go for it! Or I'll look at something that I've already had forever, and change it up! I hardly EVER plan stuff out! It's usually on the fly! haha. (: 

***I thought I would start a blog because I really like to take pictures, make graphics, share my DIY and Crafts, my unique home decor ideas... I dunno! Hopefully you all can vibe with whatever I'm puttin' down (:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback! So if you like something, I would love to know :D Or if You have something you'd like me to post about, just holla at your girl (; I love new ideas and new friends!! :D 

You'll get to know me better the more this blog thing goes on (; 

Thanks so much for popping in to see whats up! 

I'M NEW TO BLOGGING! So I hope I can keep it pretty saucy! (;