Goldie Bones

Avant Garde

Model: Morgan Heyman
Nails: Magdalena Munoz
Photography: Dallan Flint && Kristen Correa


Avant Garde - Winner

Taylor Andrews Hairstyling Awards


Holy Crap you guys...

I am sooo stoked I got nominated for my submission in the Avant Garde category for the Taylor Andrews Hairstyling Awards!!! 

It was the coolest feeling seeing my picture pop up!!! Like, Whaaaat?!?! 

I'm so stoked that I won this!!! Even thoughhhh I made an ass out of myself when I did my "Accepting Speech"... HAH! I didn't say shitttt. I said something like... "Thank you, and uh thanks instructors, anddd uh thanks bye" hahaha. Damn. I DO NOT like to be on stage.  Like, at all... Not Ever. But it was dope hearing them call my name! And having My Dude and Family there supporting me! Superrrr cool <3